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GrowKids Offers the best after school program in North Burnaby. In this blog, we will sharing our programs design, instruction and our educational philosophy. The government offer in school after school care which is only a basic care with some group activities. Most of the teacher doesn’t have any academic and educational background. GrowKids Education offer different after school programs with professional teacher at after school care price.

Grade K to Grade 5 (5 to 9 years of age) is the best learning age for children and cultivate various interests. Children at this time have unlimited energy and time.


Our Art teacher is graduated from Emily Carr University.The teacher has unique teaching and drawing skills. Our art studio is not simply teach drawing, we teach composition, layout and content as well. This kind of drawing method will broaden the children’s drawing ideas, give them big picture in the mind. Please check our artwork in our google map picture.

5 to 9 years old is the best age to learn drawing. Children at this time are curious about the color. Learning painting will also benefit for the future high school project. Painting will help children calm down and relieve emotions.


In Burnaby, many parents are new immigrants and English is not their native language. Many parents don’t have time to teach and read English Books to their children every day, some children lack of English reading comprehension. Our English teacher is a local background ESL teacher. He will guide the younger kids read the story, learn the new words, and understand the main idea of the book. That will benefit for children future English Reading.


This program is highly focused on creating the optimum learning environment. We understand that younger kids have a shorter attention span and therefore, our unique children’s programs use interesting and enjoyable methods to keep the students attention.

Children will build confidence, self-discipline and control as they learn dynamic and exciting Taekwondo skills. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, we have helped many children learn how to set and achieve goals.


Our Chinese teacher has more than 10 years working experience teach the kids in Mandarin. We help the children quickly increase their Chinese vocabulary. We are playing games and learning Mandarin.

We are one of the best Mandarin School in Burnaby BC

We also have different level of Mandarin class on Saturday.

Better understanding in Chinese Mandarin, please read: 
Why learn Chinese?


Hip hop is an urban style of dance that is high energy and upbeat. Usually set to popular rap, hip hop and urban music, hip hop is becoming more and more popular in today’s dance world. Kids enjoy the faxt paced energetic style of the class.

Clean running shoes required for this class.

Advanced English Class for Grade 2 and Grade 3

We provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.
It helps the students broden their vocabulary and working on their writing skills.
The class is running every Tuesday and Friday.

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